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How to choose a LCD screen?

Source: Shenzhen new Wilson photoelectric co., LTDPopularity: 359Time: 2016-04-14SML

How to choose LCD:
1, the LCD screen: resolution, dot pitch, the duty; is significant, negative significant; color; STN, FSTN.
2, drive: Driver IC, whether the control IC.
3, the drive voltage: internal, external; positive and negative voltage values.
4, in the form of backlight: CCFL, LED, EL; dorsal, back end.
5, module structure: TAB, COG, COB; mounting structure.
6, the interface mode: Parallel 80, 68 parallel port, serial port 232, serial I2C.
7, the choice of LCD modules, the first consideration is the display, dot matrix determined based on the display content; secondly to determine the crystal size (including the shape and the effective display area) based on the structure; Then use the environment: temperature, light, humidity, mechanical strength etc. (type temperature: room temperature type 0 to + 50 degrees, wide temperature range of -20 - 70 degrees); other selected according to the ambient lighting conditions a), reflective (without backlighting, illumination or daytime use) for outdoor light intensity. b) transflective (backlit with light or dark), the backlight can be opened and closed according to the light, suitable for outdoor. c), transmission type (backlit with light or dark), the backlight must be open, not suitable for outdoor use.
8, the humidity, high mechanical strength of the shock: recommended TAB or COG product, connections more reliable, less prone to micro-pitting (COB due by conductive tape connected to the seismic capacity is weak, the other PCB gold edge micro-prone eclipse).
Secondly, according to CPU resources, select the interface mode, if LCD module built-in controller: Now a lot of internal ARM chip LCD controller, considering the cost, choosing the right LCD module, generally below 128 line LCD module, no special LCD controller, LCD driver IC is the kind of drive and control integrated, such as S6B0108, SED1520, S6B1713, S6B0741, SED1565, etc., more than 128 lines to 240 lines usually drive IC control IC plus approach, common the driver IC as S6B0086, NT7701, T6A39, commonly used color (no gray) control IC has a T6963, SED1335, RA8802 like.
9 Comparison of STN and FSTN: FSTN faster, better contrast and viewing angle, suitable for high line count, a slight difference between the cost of 10-20% higher than the STN color and background; compare the COB and TAB: TAB reliable connection , thin structure, low power consumption, low structural strength, impact resistance is weak; COB high structural strength, heavy structure, poor connection, power consumption for desktops.
10, several backlight comparison:
CCFL: suitable for medium-sized transmissive-type liquid crystal, the light guide plate required, high brightness, long life, require an inverter.
LED: for small and medium LCD requires a light guide plate, high brightness, life of up to 50,000 H, usually does not require a dedicated power supply.
EL: for small and medium LCD, ultra-thin (less than 0.4mm), low brightness, low power consumption, short life (2000H)