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LCM backlight usual way

Source: Shenzhen new Wilson photoelectric co., LTDPopularity: 387Time: 2016-04-14SML

Liquid crystal display device is a passive type display device, which itself does not light, is modulated by external light to achieve display. Just outside liquid crystal display device to display a prerequisite. Therefore, in the liquid crystal display assembly, use, cleverly solved the lighting, not only to ensure and improve the quality of liquid crystal display, liquid crystal display and general lighting technology lighting technology and natural light into a light source disposed outside technology. The outer light source is provided, there are backlight, front light and projection light source technology categories.

Here, we have more common backlight for a brief introduction:

A two main tasks of the backlight lighting technology are:
1. The liquid crystal display device works with or without external light environment can be used;
2. Improve the background brightness, improved display.

Second Category:
Now commonly used backlight source, categorized as follows Description:
1) LED Backlight:
Special Features
* Long life,> 100,000 hours;
Brightness adjustment is simple;
· It is commonly used in the backlight mode;
· There are four different layouts (as shown below) may be suitable for a variety of lighting needs of different modules;
· Other forms can be designed according to the customer's layout.
NOTE: "A" must be connected to + 3.8V ~ + 4.2V, while not directly connected to + 5V, as long as the backlight voltage> 4.2V when it will overheat, it will affect the normal display, then shall your + 5V buck after treatment access.
2) EL- electroluminescent
Special Features
· To provide high brightness and uniform backlight;
· Backlight very thin, generally less than 1mm, and therefore has little impact on the overall thickness of the LCM;
* Under normal driving conditions the high initial luminance half-life of luminance is 5,000-8,000 hours;
· Color variety, commonly used are white, blue and green, yellow;
· EL backlight inverter require special power supply, the input voltage of 5V, the output AC voltage 90-110V, 400-600HZ of.
3) CCFL- cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Special Features
* High brightness, low power consumption;
· Suitable for large area display the desired backlight;
· Color reduction good;
Brightness can be adjusted;
· The average luminance half-life of 20,000 hours;
• The need corresponding inverter.